Friday, April 12, 2013

Inroduction to F#

Hi Friends!!

Sometime back I was going through the Microsoft's research site Channel9.

There I read about F# (FSharp). I was little bit curious about it.

So, I went through some sites and came to know what F # is all about.

Here, I am sharing little knowledge about what is F# and where it stands in today's ever changing development world.

F# is a statically typed functional programming language that targets the .NET framework. It shares a common core language with OCaml, another popular functional programming language, and draws ideas from many other programming languages, including Haskell, Erlang, and C#. In a nutshell this means that F# is a programming language that has a nice succinct syntax that feels a bit like scripting as we are able to execute the code interactively but has all the type safety and performance of a compiled language.
F#  is  a scripted/functional/imperative/object-oriented programming language that is a fantastic basis for many practical scientific, engineering and web-based programming tasks.

Some of the nice features of F# are:

  • Interactive scripting like Python,

  • The foundations for an interactive data visualization environment like MATLAB,

  • The strong type inference and safety of ML,

  • A cross-compiling compatible core shared with the popular OCaml language,

  • A performance profile like that of C#,

  • Easy access to the entire range of powerful .NET libraries and database tools,

  • A foundational simplicity with similar roots to Scheme,

  • The option of a top-rate Visual Studio integration,

  • The experience of a first-class team of language researchers with a track record of delivering high-quality implementations,

  • The speed of native code execution on the concurrent, portable, and distributed .NET Framework.

F# compiler can be downloaded from

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