Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sigma Premier League - 3 : Day 4 Update

Today's Match is between Pool A (Ocho Dashers, Aviators) & Pool B (Minotaur, Highveld Lions).

Wish you all A Good Luck!!..

Stay Tune for Updates on SPL!!

......................................................................................to be Continued


Monday, July 30, 2012

Sigma Premier League - 3 : Day 3 Update

Today's Match is between Pool A (Ocho Dashers, Titans) & Pool B (Minotaur, Trophy Fighters).

Wish you all A Good Luck!!..

Stay Tune for Updates!!

........................................to be Continued


SPL 3: Day 2 Match Results

First Match:
Titans Vs Unicorn
Winner: Unicorn
Man-of-the-match: Iyappan from Unicorn

Second Match:
Trophy Fighters Vs Gangs of Sigmapur
Winner: Trophy Fighters
Man-of-the-match: Vivek Singh from Gangs of Sigmapur

Sigma Premier League - 3 : Today's Match Update

Today's Match is between Pool A (Titans, Unicorn) & Pool B (Trophy Fighters, Gangs of Sigmapur).

Wish you all A Good Luck!!..

Stay Tune for Updates on SPL!!

........................................to be Continued!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Terrace Cricket- SPL III Update:

First Match:
Sigma Dragons Vs Aviators
Winner: Aviators
Man-of-the-match: Ravi from Sigma Dragons
Heartiest Congratulations to Aviators & Ravi

Second Match:
Highveld Lions Vs Vikings
Winner: Vikings
Man-of-the-match: Malay from Lions
Heartiest Congratulations to Vikings & Malay

Opening of Terrace Cricket-SPL III

The Most Awaited Day, Most Awaited SPL Starting from Today as a Premier League - 3... Most Awaited day for Sigma'tes.

Match is between Pool A (Aviators, Sigma Dragons) & Pool B (Highveld Lions, Vikings) starting @ 4:00 PM today.

Wish you all A Good Luck!!.

Stay Tune for more Updates on SPL!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happenning @ Sigma : Sigma Premier League - 3

Roster for Terrace Cricket SPL 3

Cricket has always been the religion to a land called India where it has millions of followers. The enthusiasm for cricket in Indians filled over and led to creation of two major cricket leagues, first the Indian Cricket league and now the Indian Premier League or IPL in short. Its stimulated to create a special league to grab attention of Sigma’ites from their busy work schedule called “IPL with a Twist”. 

Here is a Schedule for SPL - 3


Friday, July 20, 2012

“Sigma Infosolutions Limited” WELCOME NEW JOINEES

More new joinees this quarter, Improvement of consulting services upto almost 100% accuracy and client satisfaction.  And this is not everything which is happening at Sigma. They are just soaring in the track to be the best IT Consulting worldwide.

This quarter Sigma had new joinees or new Sigma'ites. As per tradition, new Sigma'ites  
are given a warm welcome and was introduced by Sigma’s HR team to all employees at Sigma Infosolution.

This Quarter many young and experienced talents joined our family, for most of them it was a complete new environment and to answer their curiosity, HR team organized a welcome briefing session with the Directors. Getting a chance to interact with the Directors is considered to be a rare and a golden opportunity. The level of excitement among the new Sigma'ites can easily be seen through the participation in this meeting. Everyone who was present knew the importance of this meeting and tried their best to gain something useful for their career and personal front. It is always possible for an employee to have an interaction with the directors later, but for a fresher just out of college, a lot of doubts and queries arise in their mind. This meeting cleared all their doubts and prepared them for their new phase of their professional life. This meeting indeed turned out to be a Golden opportunity for Sigma'ites. FRESHERS are the most enthusiastic, rejuvenated and curious part of any organization.

Sigma Infosolutions always believed in open door policy where everyone is free to share their thoughts. The motive is full filled when fresh minds are ready to take challenges and work towards accomplishing these challenges. Everyone passes through the period of “being fresher” new environment, new people, new culture etc. All these remain 'new' until we interact with the “new”. Meeting with the Directors helped new Sigma'ites to know more about the core values of the Company. Thousands of thoughts traveling in their minds have finally arrived at their destination. Every new Sigma'ites got a chance to interact with the Directors and other Sagma'ites as it was more of an open discussion rather than a meeting.

During the concluding session, it was an open platform where everybody was interacting, giving their own thoughts, discussing about the Company’s future plans and their roles in the Company. The interaction with the Directors gave a big boost for the new Sigma'ites self-confidence. Finally freshers became Sigma’ites, curiosity became satisfaction, crumbled thoughts are now integrated and finally.          

About Company :
Sigma Infosolutions is a global IT & Product Engineering Services company. Sigma Infosolutions is headquartered in Irvine, US and has operations in Bangalore, India.
Sigma Infosolutions provides free consultation for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions using Open Source technologies and tools such as Jasper, Pentaho, BIRT & OBIEE. Any interested person can visit their website at www.sigmainfo.net

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Milestone for Our Grails Team : Completed the Development of Plugin for jmesa in Grails

We are pleased to share that we have completed the development of plugin for jmesa in Grails.

This is uploaded and available at http://www.grails.org/plugin/jmesa .

We congratulate all the involved people for making it happen.

This is just beginning and stay tuned for seeing more of this from Grails as well as other teams.

Many more such Extensions/Plugins/Custom Modules would be developed and contributed back to community, in the days ahead with respective teams.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Open Source Reporting on iPhones/iPads

Reporting on iPhones/iPads is an interesting area that has a lot of potential. Yes there is an easy possibility of rendering HTML based reports on an iPhone or similar devices. But those are still in a way the default browser content on which there’s no control of an iPhone’s inbuilt capability to recognize objects and present it in a manner easy for the user to view. It requires some adjustments before we can see it in action.

Open source reporting tool, Pentaho offers a great help in this area. Pentaho provides a plugin which can sit in the server and dynamically render the pages based on whether it is viewed from a typical desktop/laptop or through an iPhone device, for the entire reporting application. This might also be applicable if the results are embedded inside a page of another application through frames, etc.

Here is how it works: Firstly some interceptors are created to detect iPhone requests and re-route those requests to the correct iPhone view. Secondly, an extension is created to allow the parameter forms to render correctly on the iPhone. The user interface can still be designed to suite the branding requirements. The typical interfacing framework can be anything like iUI (User Interface Framework for Mobile Web Devices) and you can build a custom login page and Home page. You can then,
  • Create Navigational Menus and iPhone-style interfaces from standard HTML
  • Create modern mobile web pages
  • Handle phone orientation changes
  • Provide a more "iPhone-like" experience in your Web apps
Similarly, the code is available for android  http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/ServerDoc1x/Deployment+Configuration

Other than Login, Navigation, and Parameter Forms, no changes are actually necessary for Pentaho Platform. This is due to the combination of Pentaho rendering in standard formats, and the iPhone being able to render standard HTML and PDF pages. Below are some samples of the same.

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