Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Three Reasons to Choose Grails for Mobile App Development

Grails is a web app development program which was earlier named as Groovy on Rails. Groovy is the dynamic application programming language built for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the Grails development framework uses the Java Development Kit (JDK). JDK is the principal programming language in Grails. The most beneficial feature of Grails/Groovy is that the framework as well as the platform can be run alongside Java and programmers can make suitable changes in the development environment according to their specific requirements. When it comes to mobile application development, Grails/Groovy now invariably becomes a choice of the developers.

Why Grails/Groovy has become so popular around the world within a short period of time? Why Grails is now considered the most useful and most agile framework for mobile app development? We will explore the beneficial aspects of Grails mobile app development. However, for the more inquisitive and enthusiastic developers, Groovy is an open-source language which is licensed under Apache 2.0 and is reposed on proven effective OSS or Operational Support Systems that include all the standard plug-ins including Hibernate, Spring and Jetty. Grails is considered great for mobile app development for several reasons and developers often cite some common beneficial aspects of Groovy/Grails including the Convention over Configuration (or coding by convention) idea that is underlying, the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself Approach and agile app development environment. Here below you will find three solid reasons to choose Grails development tools over other app development frameworks.

1. Faster to start a project from scratch: As previously said, the Grails framework for mobile application development follows the coding by convention standards. As a result, you need not to build configurations every time you start a new project. You can, rather, invest your time and other resources in the core application coding and programming. This is undoubtedly the most advantageous feature of Grails and here only it outdoes many other Java based frameworks. Grails is surely the most agile web application development framework at this moment. Developers can invest time in R&D if Grails are used for app development.

2. Full utilization of Java: Grails and Groovy can be integrated with other Java applications quite easily. This is why the mobile app development framework is considered fully compatible with Java and the developers can easily use Grails alongside with one or more Java based frameworks. Not only that, the process also becomes shorter and more streamlined. Developers can access and fully exploit the dynamic Java libraries that are integrated with Grails.

3. Don’t Repeat Yourself principle: Grails developers offer agile solutions as because they are equipped with one of the fastest web app development framework of this type. Grails follows the DRY principle and facilitates the developers to accommodate the new changes in their codes. As the developers do not need to change the codes time and again, it significantly reduces the delivery time.

There are quite a few companies now in India and elsewhere that offer Grails based mobile app development solutions. You can just look up the web to find a competent offshore solutions provider.

Sigma InfoSolutions is one of the early adopters of Grails/Groovy. The Grails web service provider is now offering bespoke application development solutions to offshore and inshore clients. For additional information, please visit Sigma Infosolutions or write them at grails@sigmainfo.net or call the Helpline at +1-949-705-6980.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Advantages of Using Grails in Today’s Fast Changing Business Scenario

Business processes are rapidly transforming around the world and across industries. Companies have realized the mantra of survival in the changed business scenario, one who reaches the market faster than others becomes the winner. This rule is applicable to independent software vendors and enterprises alike. If your business is committed to transport a solution to your customers via the web or you want to build a completely new web-based solution, Grails web services are recommended for you. What is Grails and how does it helps businesses in getting the edge over their competitors? This article explains. 

Introduction to Grails
Grails is a Java based high-productivity and objective-oriented web application development framework. The framework runs on Groovy language which is in turn based on Java’s core platform. If you are currently using Java for mobile application development, you are likely to find a lot of similarities between Java and Grails. However, Grails is functionally different and more advanced. Grails web app development services are now being employed by some of the major players across diverse industries. Compared to Java, Grails offer a more robust and more streamlined web application development environment. 

Few reasons to choose Grails
Today’s business scenario is fast changing and the demand more robust and faster web application development solution never falls in this business environment. It is, therefore, highly important for the business owners to choose the most agile solutions for better supply  chain management, more effective customer relationship management and various other metrics that contribute to the broad-spectrum growth of businesses. Grails, as a mobile app development framework, has to offer the following benefits to the business owners.  

  • Building go-to-market products in a faster manner as compared to conventional Java frameworks.
  • As the development process is plug-in based, third party utility plug-ins are easily incorporated with the application.
  • Developers can get industry-level assistance and the guidelines they need from the Grails community comprised of the developers from around the world.
  •  The developers can exploit the full-stack Java libraries during development phases.
  •  They can also use the inbuilt Java technologies, including Spring and Hibernate and the interface is also quite consistent and easy-to-use for them.
  • Grails also help developers in creating meshups including the likes of Google Maps, Twitter etc within a very short time.
  • The agile development framework helps developers in reducing time-to-market
  • Grails based web applications are also mobile phone friendly
  • Compass-powered search is enabled in Grails applications
  • Grails framework is used globally by developers who search for an integrated environment for web application development as well as developers without any knowledge of Java.
  • Whether you are looking for faster and more effective supply chain management solutions or you want to use some key metrics to measure retail performance of your business, Grails has the answer. It has been proved that the framework can help in 30% cost-savings. Grails can also help you in precise revenue forecasting and improving customer relationships. Go online to find the best Grails developers who can customize their solutions for your business.
For the last 8 years, Sigma Infosolutions Grails Application Team is using this innovative open source web-application platform that offers new levels of productivity. Sigma Infosolutions' Grails Development team seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and work flows to work with data as non-intrusively as possible. We use agile methodologies and develop high quality, easy to use applications in small time that meets every user's expectations and requirements.

Besides Grails, Sigma Infoslolutions' also has expertise in technologies like Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JSP/Servlets, Java Beans (EJB), AWT/Swing and many more. Call us today at 1-888-861-7360 to discuss your Application Migration Framework requirement.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Broad Stroke Overview of Grails Web App Development Framework

Grails is an advanced web development framework which is based on Groovy. As there are miscellanea of web app development frameworks available now, a developer who is familiar with Java framework may doubt the need for just another application development platform or framework. Grails web app development, for a thing, is not just another framework. It is indeed a significant enhancement to the traditional Java, J2EE based platforms. This article aims to explore the core capacities of the framework and to establish how this is highly advantageous for the developers who are into offshore web application development right now. 

Simple and streamlined process

Grails follows the ‘Coding by Convention’ archetype and combines the same with a full range of Java technologies. Grails offers the basic framework along with a variety of tools and plug-ins that simplify the job of building web applications using Grails. Spring, Sitemesh, Hibernate, Quarts and various other tools integrate within the framework to help the developers in agile web app development. The dynamic and flexible Groovy platform combines and exploits all of these tools in a manner that the entire process becomes quite simple and streamlined for the developers.

What is Coding by Convention?

The said phrase refers to one of the advanced techniques that Grails offshore web application development framework uses. It helps the application developers in building and maintaining the web-based applications sans the complexity that that they experience while working on similar platforms. The coding paradigm requires less configuration and the developers can put their effort in application coding only. Framework configuration is not required in most cases. For instance, in a standard Grails based application, some controller will handle an HTTP request and it will also render the view to the client. No configuration of framework is needed here. 

Installation basics

Starting web application development using Grails should be easy as the development framework combines every tool and technology that a developer might need in a neat package. Developers are not required to download code libraries like Hibernate as the full-stack web application development framework is preloaded with all the features that developers generally look for. What is more, the framework is compatible with all the Java IDEs including IntelliJ, NetBeans and Eclipse. Many light web development tools are required to maintain Grails based applications

Offshore web development using Grails

If your business represents an industry other than IT and you are interested in using the services, offshore app development companies that exploit the power of Grails, you should just look up the web to find completely serviceable ISV (Independent Software Vendors). There are companies based out of India and other Asian countries that offer Grails offshore web development solutions at competitive prices. Just check to make sure that the company has extensive expertise in Grails based web application development. You must also check whether the company is accredited by all the major industrial confederations. Check how many applications the company has developed so far and whether their clientele includes some of the big names from across industries.

Resource Box: Sigma InfoSolutions is one of the early adopters of Grails/Groovy. The Grails web services provider is now offering bespoke application development solutions to offshore and inshore clients. 

For additional information, please visit Sigma Infosolutions or write at grails@sigmainfo.net or call the Helpline at 1-888-861-7360 (US) /+91-80-40865100 (India).

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finding Where Grails Is Different from Conventional Java Platforms

Grails is one of the most advanced web application frameworks that use the Groovy language (which is a Java platform based programming language). The Grails web app development framework follows the ‘coding by convention’ concept, thus offering a complete development environment that hides less important configuration details from the developers for facilitating them to write programs in an agile manner. Grails web application development framework was earlier known as Groovy on Rails and is different from similar Java based platforms in at least three different aspects. What are these advantageous features that similar Java platforms lack in them? This article explores. 

No XML configuration needed

Programmers who have extensive familiarity with Java frameworks know well that this type of framework requires configuration of environments at the beginning and during development as well. This configuration has to be objectified in XML in traditional Java platforms. On the other hand, it is done to avoid the incorporation of the configuration code in the main application code. Grails based mobile app development, however, have lessened the importance of XML configuration prior to application coding. Developers around the world have realized that XML configuration is an extremely tedious process and it significantly reduces their productivity. Grails completely nullify the necessity of separate configuration of XML files. Instead, the Grails developers access and exploit a set of conventions integrated within the framework. 

Ready to Use Environment

While using traditional Java based framework toolkits, the developers need to assemble and integrate different development units, which is marked as a tedious as well as time-consuming process altogether. Offshore development using Grails is a streamlined process in which the developers can access a web server that facilitates them to start coding like a shot. All inbuilt libraries are part of the distribution process of the Java based framework. The Java environment helps in preparing deployment automatically. 

Better functionality

One of the most advantageous features of Grails web application development framework is that different dynamic methods are available in several classes. The method that is added to a class dynamically is known as mixin. This, along with many other dynamic features, enables the developers to perform actions without implementing extended classes or interfaces. Automation of the development process is arguably the greatest feature of Grails web app development framework.
However, not many companies in India and abroad have understood the fullest potential of Grails/Groovy as an offshore web application and mobile application framework. There are only a handful of companies in India as of now that are offering agile web development and web based application development solution using Grails. On the other hand, some of the leading companies have pioneered the concept of using offshore Grails development services. Companies across the world have started using the services of the offshore Grails and Java based IT solutions providers that are predominantly nestled in the Indian subcontinent only. It does not matter whether your business falls in the category of heavy industry or any other industry, you can always reap Grails web application development benefits by using the services of these companies. 

Resource Box: Sigma InfoSolutions is one of the early adopters of Grails/Groovy. The Grails web service provider is now offering bespoke application development solutions to offshore and inshore clients.

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