Monday, November 25, 2013

Four Salient Benefits of Using Grails Framework for Application Development

Businesses are changing their modus operandi from brick-and-mortar to click-and-enter type to reduce operational costs and to tread into unexplored markets. For this reason only, hundreds web-based applications have been developed of late to meet the growing demands of the business owners and their customers alike. Grails is a full-scale web application development framework which is considered highly advantageous for the job of developing web applications. Why Grails web application development framework has outdone many more application development frameworks that are currently available in the market. Why Grails/Groovy is now being considered the latest big thing in the enterprise-level application development arena? This article explores.

A brief introduction to Grails

Grails application development API is among the latest programming language frameworks that help in agile application development. Grails is a framework built on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The language is largely dependent on Groovy platform. Use of Grails helps developers in increasing their output, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Developers around the world have found Grails web app development beneficial for their line of work due to several reasons that are briefly discussed here below.

Faster building of website framework

It usually takes weeks to set up the basic infrastructure of any new website if traditional Java programming frameworks are used.  The turnaround time can be reduced to just two hours with the use of Grails/Groovy programming framework. It   simply proves that the speed and productivity of the website developers can be significantly increased with the use of this futuristic web application development framework. In a similar fashion, building web applications using Grails also becomes a less time-consuming affair than ever before.

Peerless testing support

Grails web application developers also get unlimited support for testing the functionality of the finished products and also can perform interim tests during development. Classes are loaded automatically and codes can be changed quite effortlessly. However, the scaffolding feature of the framework is the most advantageous one, according to many Grails developers around the world.

All the Java features present

The developers can reap the advantages of the robust web application development framework while at the same time, they do not miss the advantageous features of JavaScript that are all brilliantly incorporated into Grails website application development framework.

DRY Principle followed

Grails mobile app development follows the DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) principle. As a result, the developers working with the futuristic framework can work in a streamlined manner. Besides, the application development framework also comes with more than 500 plug-in extensions that help the developers in myriad other ways. Documentation of development progress also comes easy with Grails. All these features combined are meant for reducing the waiting time for the developers. Developers, as a result, can work in a more agile manner than ever before.

Key players across industries have already adopted Grails based mobile application development and website development framework and the list includes names like LinkedIn, Pepsi, just to name a few. It goes without saying that the mobile app development framework is here to rule for years to come and companies that have already realized its potential are reaping sheer benefits of the framework. 

Resource Box: Sigma InfoSolutions is one of the early adopters of Grails/Groovy. The Grails web services provider is now offering bespoke application development solutions to offshore and inshore clients.

About Sigma Insolutions Ltd.

For the last 8 years, Sigma Infosolutions Grails Development Team is using this innovative open source web-application platform that offers new levels of productivity. Sigma Infosolutions' Grails Development team seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and work flows to work with data as non-intrusively as possible. We use agile methodologies and develop high quality, easy to use applications in small time that meets every user's expectations and requirements. Besides Grails, Sigma Infoslolutions' also has expertise in technologies like Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JSP/Servlets, Java Beans (EJB), AWT/Swing and many more.

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