Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Three Reasons to Choose Grails for Mobile App Development

Grails is a web app development program which was earlier named as Groovy on Rails. Groovy is the dynamic application programming language built for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the Grails development framework uses the Java Development Kit (JDK). JDK is the principal programming language in Grails. The most beneficial feature of Grails/Groovy is that the framework as well as the platform can be run alongside Java and programmers can make suitable changes in the development environment according to their specific requirements. When it comes to mobile application development, Grails/Groovy now invariably becomes a choice of the developers.

Why Grails/Groovy has become so popular around the world within a short period of time? Why Grails is now considered the most useful and most agile framework for mobile app development? We will explore the beneficial aspects of Grails mobile app development. However, for the more inquisitive and enthusiastic developers, Groovy is an open-source language which is licensed under Apache 2.0 and is reposed on proven effective OSS or Operational Support Systems that include all the standard plug-ins including Hibernate, Spring and Jetty. Grails is considered great for mobile app development for several reasons and developers often cite some common beneficial aspects of Groovy/Grails including the Convention over Configuration (or coding by convention) idea that is underlying, the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself Approach and agile app development environment. Here below you will find three solid reasons to choose Grails development tools over other app development frameworks.

1. Faster to start a project from scratch: As previously said, the Grails framework for mobile application development follows the coding by convention standards. As a result, you need not to build configurations every time you start a new project. You can, rather, invest your time and other resources in the core application coding and programming. This is undoubtedly the most advantageous feature of Grails and here only it outdoes many other Java based frameworks. Grails is surely the most agile web application development framework at this moment. Developers can invest time in R&D if Grails are used for app development.

2. Full utilization of Java: Grails and Groovy can be integrated with other Java applications quite easily. This is why the mobile app development framework is considered fully compatible with Java and the developers can easily use Grails alongside with one or more Java based frameworks. Not only that, the process also becomes shorter and more streamlined. Developers can access and fully exploit the dynamic Java libraries that are integrated with Grails.

3. Don’t Repeat Yourself principle: Grails developers offer agile solutions as because they are equipped with one of the fastest web app development framework of this type. Grails follows the DRY principle and facilitates the developers to accommodate the new changes in their codes. As the developers do not need to change the codes time and again, it significantly reduces the delivery time.

There are quite a few companies now in India and elsewhere that offer Grails based mobile app development solutions. You can just look up the web to find a competent offshore solutions provider.

Sigma InfoSolutions is one of the early adopters of Grails/Groovy. The Grails web service provider is now offering bespoke application development solutions to offshore and inshore clients. For additional information, please visit Sigma Infosolutions or write them at grails@sigmainfo.net or call the Helpline at +1-949-705-6980.


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