Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grails Plug-in Development “Jmesa”

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Sigma Infosolutions - a global IT and Product Engineering company is continuously growing towards creating standards and going beyond satisfaction to delight their clients.They are constantly updating themselves and developing Extensions/Plugins/Custom Modules to fulfill their patron’s need. They are 100% determined to accomplish their vision as they had planned.

Their Grails team has recently received a Milestone and Completed the Development of Plugin for Jmesa in Grails. This is not an end for Sigma Infosolutions’ Grails team but a beginning and in coming days you can see more of this from their Grails Developers contributing towards Grails development ecosystem.


Jmesa plugin is a dynamic html tabular representation of data that allows you to filter,sort, paginate, and export your data.

The Plugin allows Grails applications to easily integrate with the functionality. Utilizes Jmesa feature as an underlying mechanism so serves managing representation of data in tabular form, filter,sort, paginate, export your data. We recommend you read the Jmesa documentation and understand how this plugin operates before you start using this plugin.
Sort: Allow sorting feature based on Domain class field name.
Paginate: Provide the number of record need to be display.
Export: Provide export data in PDF and XLS format.
Filter: Allowing filtering of data based on domain class field name.
Install the plugin by using the below command or download the plugin and install by pointing to the path of the file where the is located.
grails install-plugin jmesa

About Sigma Infosolutions:
For the last 8 years, Sigma Infosolutions’ Grails development team is using Grails framework that offers new levels of productivity. Sigma Infosolutions' Grails Development team seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and work-flows to work with data as non-intrusively as possible. They use agile methodologies and develop high quality, easy to use applications in small time that meets every user's expectations and requirements. Sigma Infosolutions is a TUV Certified ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 certified company.
Besides Grails, Sigma Infoslolutions’ also has expertise in Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JSP/Servlets, Java Beans (EJB), AWT/Swing and more.
For Groovy and Grails application development you can visit their website

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